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European Authorized Representative

Looking for an European Authorized Representative for your product? Everbiz GmbH has a wealth of experience as EAP/EU Rep. in different types of products, especially medical devices and products. We will be your best choice as EAP/EU Rep.

Medicinal Products Registration       

As a company registered with BfArM and EUDAMED, Everbiz GmbH specializes in providing registration services for medical products and medical devices in the European Union.


Product Test                               

Everbiz GmbH has senior personnel in product testing, provides you with various testing services and rectification consulting services to promote your products to the European and global markets.


Market Access And Compliance Consulting

Everbiz GmbH provides market access and compliance consulting for various products, especially medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices, to help your company and products enter the European market successfully.


Why choose us as your
European Authorized Representative

Excellent Service

Everbiz GmbH focuses on providing customers with professional European Authorized Representative services, assisting customers in registration and follow-up communication with different agencies. Provides customers with overall solutions and assists them for promoting products to global markets successfully with professional suggestions and strategies.

Customer Oriented

We provide individual solutions to different types of products and different needs of customers. Open up the road to the European market for you with high quality and efficiency.

Professional Team

Everbiz GmbH has a professional team with years of experience and technical background in testing and certification. Our team members are familiar with various EU regulations and provide you with Chinese, English and German language support as well as efficient communication and feedback.

Best Location

Our company is located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany. Munich is the center of political, economic, cultural and scientific research in South Germany. The close proximity to various agencies allows us to respond more quickly to different situations. In addition, Munich is adjacent to many other European countries and has convenient transportation. Even if you want to register your product in other European countries, it won't be a problem for us.